Make Hartford Yours | Hartford Events, Attractions & Things to Do – Follow us on a journey as we showcase Hartford events, things to do & the very people who have captured the energy of Hartford in this #MakeHartfordYours series.
Make Hartford Yours


Hartford is home to the bold, creative and ambitious. Follow our journey as we meet some of city’s most interesting influencers and learn their stories.

The 'Make Hartford Yours' Video Series

Hartford is full of diversity, rich in culture and teaming with people of all walks of life who have decided to build their businesses and follow their passions here. Whether it’s making art, innovations, memories or connections, each person within Hartford makes it their own and takes part in molding the future of the city. In the ‘Make Hartford Yours’ video series, our guide, Tang Sauce, takes us on a journey through Hartford to showcase a new person of interest in each episode.

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Upcoming Events in Hartford