Monthly Archives: October 2018

Make Hartford Yours Series Showcases Stories of Hartford Influencers

We’ve always felt that Hartford is home to the bold, creative and ambitious; that it takes a certain someone to come in and make this city their own. After hearing the incredible stories from some of the city’s most interesting influencers, we feel that this belief holds especially true. From entrepreneurs, activists, artists and those […]

Story and Soil Becomes an Iconic Stop in Hartford for Speciality Coffee

 Just over a year ago, Story and Soil opened its doors on Capital Ave to the public. Owned by Sarah McCoy, Michael McCoy, and Michael Acosta, Story and Soil is an eclectic specialty coffee shop that has been inspiring new businesses and people to venture into the neighborhood and make it their own. Sarah […]

Hartford Boxing Center Gives the Community a Fighting Chance

 Leticia Blanco was born and raised in Hartford and has spent the majority of her life giving back to the community. In her early 20’s she was a freelance writer for the Hartford Courant. “Everything was about the community. So, enlightening the public with how great Hartford has it with the people in it. […]